Does School Revival only work with Private/Christian schools?

Absolutely Not.
We go to both public schools and private schools. Our workshops are faith based and the fundamentals remain the same, however we do tailor it to each school and honor the schools by abiding by the appropriate language.
We have had incredible feedback from our public school partners!

How long does each session go for?

Approx 45mins. These are tailored to each school request, this can vary from 30mins to 60mins a session.

Can we have multiple year levels in one session? Is there a limit to how many students per session?

Absolutely & No limit. It is completely up to the teacher as to who will be in the session. There is no limit to the number of students. It only depends on the size of the room.

Do you travel outside of Victoria?

Yes! There are travel costs involved for interstate, these will be quoted to you before booking confirmed.

What if we have an issue/topic that is not covered by your workshops?

We would love to hear more about this! We often tailor create workshops for schools that have specific needs, send us a message to speak to our team about this today.

Do you have a WWCC?

Yes! Our presenters have current WWCC.

Is School Revival a Not-For Profit?

Yes we are registered under Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commissions.
Our registration is under Revival School Incorporated. ABN: 66133525991